How to make a ‘grey shower curtain’ in under an hour

You may think you’re making a shower curtain but it takes a lot of patience and patience is the key.

 I made this shower curtain in under 20 minutes using my old shower curtain that I bought from a thrift store for $10, plus some leftover fabric scraps.

This curtain was pretty much ready to be thrown into the back of my old car.

I’m still not sure how I ended up making this shower curtains, but I think I’ll just have to take it for a spin sometime.

To make this shower shower curtain, you’ll need: -A towel -Cloth -Clothing line: jeans, sweats, t-shirt, tights, tuxedo, or whatever else is appropriate for your outfit-A washcloth, a towel brush, a toothbrush, and a couple of towels, plus a towel-Staple tape or similar material, and some scissorsTo make your curtain:  Cut the fabric into strips.

For my shower curtain (pictured above), I cut about a foot off of the left side of the curtain and the right side.

Then I sewed them together with some sewing machine thread and then rolled it into a circle.

Make sure you have some tape on hand and use scissors to cut the strips that are about a yard apart.

Now you’re ready to start making your curtain.

First, attach your curtain to the bottom of your shower.

You can attach it using the clip or clip-on hooks on your shower curtain.

Attach your curtain with a clip and thread it into the shower curtain’s opening.

The clip is made from a piece of fabric with a hole cut out in it.

It can either be attached to the shower door or the shower.

You can also attach the clip to the edge of your curtain and tie it around the curtain, so it’s not pulling it down.

Once your curtain is attached, it should be pretty secure.

Here’s a picture of my shower.

(The curtain is a little loose, so I just pulled it down a little bit with my fingers and then used my fingers to make it fit better.)

Once you’re satisfied with your curtain, tie it securely.

Use a piece the same size as your curtain (this is to make sure it’s tight enough to keep your curtain closed without opening it.)

You can make your curtains in any length you’d like, and you can also make them shorter or longer depending on what you’re showering in.

If you’re trying to make something like this in the bathroom, you might want to cut it into shorter pieces.

After you’ve cut out the curtain pieces, you can put them together.

Start with the right end of the piece.

Lay it out flat, then make sure you don’t make a lot.

Cut out the center piece, leaving about an inch or two of extra room in the center.

Take the left piece and lay it out a little wider.

Invert the edges.

Insert the two ends of the fabric strips in the opening, then fold them over.

Repeat for the right and left pieces.

You can also use the two pieces to form a circle and then cut it in half, then cut the halves to make the shower curtains.

Tip: If you’re using the clips to attach your shower curtains to your shower door, you may want to trim off the top of the clips.

As long as your shower is still open, the shower will close without your curtain coming down.

To assemble your curtain pieces: Cut the two clips to length.

Tie them together and roll the ends of each piece into a ball.

Flip the balls over. 

The ends of your ball should now form a knot.

Place the balls on the ends.

Put a stitch marker on each end.

Press them together, and then fold the ends up.

Continue making these into your shower covers and then the curtain.

I’m going to make one curtain at a time so I’ll be making them one by one.

When you’re done making the curtain piece, you’re going to take your curtain out of the shower and fold it back into its original shape.

Pull it tight and wrap it around your shower doors.

And there you have it!

You’re almost done making your shower decor!

I made mine with two clips and two sheets of fabric.

They are really simple, and I love the way they make the curtain look.

How do you make a shower decor?

Are you making a grey shower?

What’s your favorite shower curtain pattern?

How much fabric to use?

Do you have a question for me?

Let me know!

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