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This article is part of our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

We will continue to provide updates on this story as the pandemic continues.

Read moreHealth workers say many coronaviruses can linger in the body for months.

While some cases appear to disappear within a few days, some remain in the blood for years.

That means coronavirs can stay dormant in the bodies of people for years, sometimes for decades, a new study says.

The new study was published in the American Journal of Public Health.

The researchers studied about 1,600 people in two hospitals.

They found that among those who did not get the vaccine, nearly half continued to have some form of coronaviral illness for six to nine months after they got the vaccine.

The others were diagnosed with other types of coronovirus, but none was a full-blown case.

Those who had been vaccinated were more likely to have had an ongoing infection for six months or more.

Those who had not had the vaccine were more than twice as likely to remain infected for more than a year.

More than three-quarters of people who had received the vaccine did not return to normal within a year, and nearly half did not have a response to the first vaccine dose, the study found.

The results are not all bad.

Among those who had a response, those who received the second vaccine were significantly less likely to become ill in five years than those who were not.

The results did not reach statistical significance.

The study did not examine the long-term effects of the virus.

The most common form of the disease, which is known as Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or AS, is caused by coronavirotic virus and is spread through coughing or sneezing.

It can cause mild to moderate pneumonia, but the virus can also cause severe illness, such as death.

People who are susceptible to AS often have asthma and other lung conditions that may worsen after infection, and they are often susceptible to complications of other diseases, such a blood clot, blood clots or a heart attack.

In addition, people with severe AS often lack the immune system that protects the lungs against other infections, making them more likely than others to be infected with coronavirin.

Some health experts have called for additional vaccines for people with mild AS.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the virus is not a pandemic, but people should be aware of it.

Health care workers in the United States are encouraged to vaccinate people who have not received the first dose of the vaccine for up to three months after getting the second.

Health workers who are in contact with a person who has been vaccinated should follow the same steps to confirm the vaccination as they would for anyone else who was in the same area.

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