Two young women have been given jail sentences after they admitted they stole $4,000 worth of jewellery from an outlet store

A Sydney couple have been sentenced to six months jail after admitting stealing jewellery worth more than $4-million from an Apple store in 2014.

Sydney couple Michael and Emily Ewbank were arrested in January 2014 after an undercover police operation.

The pair were also found guilty of theft by deception, theft by fraud and possession of stolen property.

They were sentenced to three years in jail, with a minimum term of six months.

In their sentencing hearing on Thursday, Justice Andrew White said the pair’s crimes were calculated to take advantage of their victims’ vulnerability.

“Their crimes were deliberate and calculated to get their victim to buy the items they intended to steal,” Justice White said.

Mr Ewbanks and Ms Ewbetons lawyer, Sarah Kavanagh, told the court that the pair had never intended to use the stolen items for personal gain.

“[They] had no intention of profiting by exploiting any of their victim’s vulnerabilities, they were just looking to make a quick buck,” Ms Kavanag said.

Mr Ewais said the offending was not a robbery.

He said the couple had planned to leave the shop to retrieve their jewellery but they were caught when they arrived at the Apple store.

Prosecutor Anthony Poynter told the jury that the couple bought two Apple watches worth $30,000 and then sold them for $3,000 each.

Their lawyer argued they did not want to sell the watches and were not aware the watches were stolen.

“They didn’t have a plan, they didn’t know how they would go about doing this,” Mr Poynnter said.

“The defendants knew that they were going to be caught.”

Mr Poynan said the jewellery theft was a “carefully planned” operation.

The couple’s lawyer said the offences were part of a broader conspiracy.

Ms Kavanah said the case was a perfect example of “financial crime”.

She said the theft was the culmination of years of “worrying and anxiety”.

“This is what they do, they take advantage,” Ms Poynah said.

“They take advantage because they have been vulnerable to their victim.”

“They want to make money and make a buck.

They’re desperate.”

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