The Bible has a lot of beautiful curtains!

In a new video, the English translation of the Bible is going back to the drawing board with some old favorites.

The first thing that caught our attention when we saw the video was the curtain rods.

As the name suggests, they’re small, red, and white curtain rods that sit in the center of the Gospel of Matthew.

They’re often referred to as the “white curtains” because they reflect light and are typically associated with Christ.

They are a symbol of His love for us.

The video starts off with the Old Testament and then continues with the New Testament.

The Bible has some pretty stunning curtains in the New Testaments.

For example, the curtain of the house in the book of Leviticus is said to be “a white curtain” and its “white curtain” refers to the color of its covering.

In Isaiah’s Song of Songs, the veil of the people of Israel is described as “a golden curtain” because it reflects light.

We can see a similar pattern in Ezekiel, where the curtain is described in a way that suggests the curtain “speaks with a voice like a great deep voice” and “its face is as a great rainbow.”

The curtains of the Hebrew Bible are a bright and beautiful contrast to the white curtain of our own time.

The Gospel of Mark is also in the spotlight for its curtains.

The Gospel of Luke contains a long, red curtain that appears on the wall of the Jewish temple in Mark.

This is the only curtain in Mark that is described with a single word, “drain,” which indicates that the curtain itself is “drained.”

The word “dramatically” is the word that indicates a dramatic change, or transformation, or change of direction.

The curtain rods are another way in which the New and Old Testaments have different meanings.

The New Testament describes the curtains of Jesus as “bright, white, and round.”

The Gospel is more descriptive, and in the end, it refers to “a beautiful, round curtain” that represents the glory of Christ.

The white curtain is an important symbol for the Jews, because it represents the Jewish faith.

The other major difference is that the curtains in Luke’s Gospel are not colored white, but “ruddy.”

The white is red and the curtains are ruddy.

This was a change from the previous Gospel in which they were described as white and ruddy (see Luke 1:25-29).

The red was a symbol for blood, and the curtain was a reminder that Jesus was crucified with a blood-red cross.

The colors of the curtains also have different meaning in the Hebrew and the Greek Scriptures.

In the Old Covenant, the colors of Christ’s curtains reflected the color red.

In his second coming, Jesus is said by the prophets to “shed his blood and shed it on the mountains” (John 1:18).

As such, they represent blood.

In this way, the curtains represent the blood of Christ, who shed his blood on the cross to be the one who will redeem us from our sins.

The curtains are red because Jesus shed his life on the Cross.

In that sense, they are the red and white color of Christ and the blood he shed in His life on earth.

In another sense, however, they were colored because they reflected red.

The Hebrew word for “red” is “yisrael” which means “red.”

The Greek word for the same color is “zeal” which is “yellow.”

The colors reflect the colors we associate with Jesus Christ and His blood.

These two meanings of the colors in the curtain are different.

The red of the white signifies the blood shed by Christ, whereas the color yellow signifies His blood shed on the altar and blood shed in heaven.

The colors in these curtains reflect our understanding of Christ as our Redeemer and His Blood.

In our interpretation, we see that the color “yellow” is associated with blood shed as red and red blood represents red blood.

These colors are the same colors that were red in the Old covenant.

We see in the Gospel that Christ shed His blood on an altar to be red in color.

In doing so, He shed His life, shed His glory, shed the light of the world, and shed His divine power.

In the same way that we see Jesus’ curtain color red in this Gospel, we can see it in the curtains from the Old and New Testams.

The color red and yellow represent blood, the blood that shed on an Altar represents the blood which was shed on a Cross.

The color red is a red color that symbolizes blood, but it also signifies the light that Jesus shed on earth and in His death on the road to heaven.

In other words, it represents Christ’s light that sheds His glory.

The Hebrew word translated “red,” “yellow,” and “blood” also means “white,” “black,” and the “red and yellow” color of blood

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