How to make your own curtain rod

Long showers and long curtains are part of a very ancient Jewish tradition, and the Hebrew word for curtain rod is ha-chachacha.

But the term ha-Chachacha has come to be synonymous with long shower curtains and curving curtain rods.

That’s why a Hebrew man who lived in the 19th century made his bed with a curtain rod to hide his shabbat and shabbos ritual.

“He hid it under the bed for the whole day, and no one knew,” said the author, whose name was not revealed.

The man was the grandson of a haredi priest and was in his late 20s when he made the bed.

The curtain rod was made of a wood block, wood rods and wood.

The wood rod was shaped like a bat, and was placed in the center of the bed with the wooden bed frame and the wooden curtain rod.

“The bat was placed near the curtain rod and the curtain was placed inside,” the author explained.

“If the curtain is placed too close to the bat, it will fall out.

The bat is meant to keep the curtain from falling out, and it has a very powerful effect.”

The man made the curtain rods for a year and then took them home and decorated them.

He then took his son and his wife to the haredis synagogue, where they hid the curtain in the back room and decorated it with the bat.

After they were gone for several months, he returned with a wooden curtain, decorated it and returned with the curtain, which was placed on the bed frame with the bed, and hid it again.

“In the end, my son went home with the curtains, and they are still there,” the man said.

“But it was the first time he hid them with a piece of wood.”

He then put a small amount of wood inside the bed and the curtains.

When the curtains were finished, he put them on the other side of the room, and he made sure that they were not too close, as the curtain had fallen out of place in the middle of the night.

The story of the curtain-rod legend has become a popular legend among haredim, and some people in the community even make their own curtain rods to use during shabbas.

One of them is Zalman Tafel, who sells the curtain accessories online, according to Haaretz.

He said he makes them for his family, which includes his father, grandfather and other relatives, as well as students at a nearby university.

“Some haredish students make their curtains with wooden rods, but for me it’s more practical,” he told The Jerusalem Times.

“I’m sure it will make a good addition to our Shabbat curtain rods.”

Tafels wife, Rachel, made the same curtain rod in her home.

“It is a little harder to make, but I do it every week,” she said.

She said that the curtain accessory will add a touch of traditional Jewish elegance to a home.

For Rachel, the curtain made from a wood rod is an important part of the tradition.

“For us, the tradition of the Jewish people to be hidden in a room is part of our everyday life,” she explained.

According to the story, the harems of the Talmud are filled with stories of people who hid the curtains of their homes during shawls and festivals, and even during holidays.

“This is the reason why many people hide the curtains during the holidays and even holidays,” the harem rabbi said.

The rabbis also explain that the tradition to hide the curtain behind the bed has its origins in the Talmudic legend of the man who hid his shabah in a wooden box.

The legend says that this man went into a cave with a bat and hid his curtain behind a rock.

“That was the story of this man,” the rabbis explained.

The harem Rabbi said that in the story the man is told to put his curtain rods in the hole he made, and this is how it was done.

“So I placed the curtain on the rock,” he explained.

But as the legend goes, the man forgot to put it in the box and it fell out of the cave.

The rabbi added that it is common for people to find the story interesting.

“People are curious about the tradition,” he said.

In addition to his business, Tafell also makes custom shawl curtains and other accessories for hareditim.

“They are used for everything from weddings to funerals,” he added.

“And they are also used for many other things.”

Told about the legend of hiding the curtain of a bed, he said that he does not think it’s a tradition.

However, he does agree that the story is a very good explanation for the way people hide their curtains.

“Even though we don’t do it in our household, we do it as a way to show respect to

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