A smart backlit screen, with a ‘magic curtain’ that can do things like make your curtains and blinders look like they’re moving

Short curtains and backlight curtains have become one of the hottest trends in the industry, with companies offering them for everything from smart thermostats to lighting up the bedroom.

Here are five reasons why they’re so good.


You can make your own curtains, blinders, and blindgers from scratch.

You could probably get a couple of cheap curtains and make your bed or bathroom walls and ceiling, but you’d still be left with a lot of fabric and scraps.

The best way to get a curtain and blinder is to build your own from scratch, which will give you a lot more fabric to choose from and also give you the chance to experiment with different fabrics.

You’ll need a fabric that can withstand being heated, and if you want a little more warmth, you can put your curtains up in the winter and turn them into a blanket.

You might also be able to get some of the materials used in curtains and the blinders from other manufacturers.

If you want to get even more creative, there are lots of products out there that make your backlight shades and curtains turn into lights.

These include a number of cheap lights and dimmers, but for a full range of options, you’ll need to get creative.

For example, if you have a couple lights that you want in the bedroom and you want them to be lit from all directions, you might choose to have a pair of backlit shades that turn the lights into one light, so they can be controlled from anywhere in the room.

You’d need to use a special tool that can read and write a code to control them from the bedroom, but it might not be necessary if you can make one yourself.

There are also products that make curtains and dimers from fabrics like silk or rayon.

This can make them lighter and more flexible, but they also tend to be more expensive, so be careful if you’re looking to buy one of these things.


You don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive stuff.

Most home curtains are made from fabric or polyester, which is cheap, but the fabric and the polyester tend to stretch a bit, so you may not be able make curtains that are durable.

You should, however, always check the label to make sure that it’s what you’re getting.

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