How to make your outdoor curtains white, so you can wash them away

You don’t need to be an expert to make white curtains look white.

Here’s how.

Here’s a simple trick: Place your white curtains over a sink or toilet.

Then, take a towel and wipe the towel down with your hand.

Repeat until all the white fabric is gone.

This way, you won’t need a second towel to wipe the fabric.

If you need a more elaborate solution, you can buy white fabric and cut it into strips, which you then wrap around the towel to create a curtain rod.

You’ll need a circular piece of white fabric, a circle of white yarn, and a thread that’s about the same size as the towel.

Tie the threads together with a knot or a string.

Tie a knot on the end of the thread so it goes in and out of the circle of fabric.

When the threads are tied together, you have the ability to wrap white fabric around the rod, which makes it very easy to wipe away.

This is a great way to hide dirty towels.

And it can be done with a few simple tools.

Take a small round wooden rod and make a little piece of fabric about the size of a dime.

Then wrap it around the wooden rod to create the curtain rod, and tie the threads around that.

Then make a piece of thread about the length of the rod and a hole for the white yarn to hang out of.

Use the hole as a handle for the curtain.

Once you’ve made the curtain, hang it on a piece the size you need to.

Make sure the piece is straight, but don’t worry if the piece looks a little crooked.

If you want to make it thicker, you could use a small metal pole.

Wrap the curtain around the pole and attach it to the pole with a string that you’ll attach the curtain to with a thread.

The thread should go through the hole in the curtain before hanging on the pole.

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