What Walmart curtain rods will cost you: The truth about them

Walmart curtain rod prices have been steadily dropping since they were introduced, but their true value may never be known. 

For starters, curtain rods do not offer a high degree of protection, and are not recommended for the purposes of house cleaning or other cleaning purposes. 

Walmart has announced that it will no longer offer curtain rods in its stores, but it will still offer them for sale online through its online store. 

The store also will offer “specialist” curtain rods, which are not available for purchase online and are available at the store for $10 each. 

In order to avoid confusion, Walmart has said that curtain rods are “non-functional and non-thermal.” 

WalMart also announced that curtain rod sales will be discontinued, and that it is “working with our suppliers to help them create a more robust product lineup.” 

As for the product that will continue to be offered online, Walmart is offering two types of curtain rods: one that is “permanently installed” and one that will “easily be removed” after two years of use. 

These two types, according to Walmart, “offer the same level of protection as a permanent fixture and will be installed and removed with less than five minutes of tools.” 

In addition, curtain rod installation instructions will not be available online. 

It should be noted that Walmart has also announced an “online curtain rod removal service,” which Walmart says will be available through its website. 

“We will provide a full-service, no-interference, no liability curtain rod service to anyone who wants one,” the company said in a press release. 

As the curtain rods come down from the sky, however, they may be a bit too good to be true. 

Even if the curtain rod was just as effective as a “permanent fixture,” the curtain does not last for two years and has a tendency to scratch and crack over time. 

If you’re concerned about the quality of your curtain rod, you can always ask your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

And if you have questions about the value of your home, you should consult a professional. 

 Here are the curtain products that will be offered on Walmart’s online store: Amazon curtain rod (black, $25.00): This is the most popular product from Amazon, and the cheapest curtain rod on the market. 

Amazon says that it offers the highest quality, the “fastest return and exchange rate, and a one-year warranty.” 

For more information, visit www.amazon.com/products/b/E9H8V6Z6T6KWQ5/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418782959&sr=8-1&keywords=amazon-curtains+rods. 

M-F Amazon curtain rod ($40.00), an “extended-life” curtain rod with a longer lifespan and an “immediate removal” feature: This is Amazon’s longest-lasting curtain rod and is available at $40. 

This curtain rod is also the best value on Amazon for consumers with less time to wait. 

Its “extend-life,” which means it is supposed to be installed in less than two years, is a $100-per-year guarantee. 

To install it, you will need to remove the original curtain rod that came with your home. 

You can also use the extended-life curtain rod to replace curtains if you lose the curtain during the installation process. 

See Amazon.com. 

(Amazon) Amazon’s “extending-life”, which is supposed the curtain can last two years: This curtain rod will last for $20 and is designed to be attached to the ceiling, not the wall. 

On Amazon, you’ll need to use a long, sharp screwdriver to remove it. 

While it’s not as fast as the Amazon curtain rods listed above, it’s the best option for consumers who are willing to wait two years. 

Costco curtain rod: This one is an extended-lifelike curtain rod. 

With a longer life, the curtain will last longer than the Amazon or Lowe’ curtain rods. 

A “high-quality, durable, and flexible” curtain can be attached by simply sliding the rod down and over the wall or using it to cover your furniture. 

Because it is made of a durable material, it can be reused, too. 

But it’s “not as fast” as the curtain from Amazon or the Lowe’ curtains. 

$12.99 for the Amazon and $17.99 with the “extension-life”. 

The Amazon curtain, on the other hand, can be removed in five minutes and is priced at $25 and up. 

More: This is the best Amazon curtain you can get. 

How to install a curtain rod in just a few

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