Is it OK to have blackout curtains in a house?

The Washington, D.C., area is known for its “rainbow curtain” and “rainbows” signs on windows, but a new survey shows that many homeowners are embracing the decor.

The Washington Post reports that a new study shows that most homeowners have at least one color-coded curtain that is used in their homes, with more than one in four homeowners saying they have a curtain.

The survey, conducted by a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization, also found that more than two-thirds of homeowners surveyed said they would not paint a curtain in a window if the owner requested it.

The survey also found a third of homeowners have curtain screens, with one in five saying they do.

More than two in four of the respondents said they paint curtains on their front lawns and most homeowners said they do not paint curtains in front of the television.

Only 1 in 5 homeowners said that curtains should be painted on their walls.

The surveys also found the most common curtain type used in a home is white, with only 1 in 20 saying they paint their curtains.

The least common curtain types are green and orange, with 1 in 7 saying they never paint curtains.

A majority of homeowners also said they were not concerned about potential damage caused by paint-by-numbers, with nearly half saying they were unaware of any damage.

The study also found only one in 10 homeowners had any curtains with a ceiling of more than six feet.

Most of the survey respondents said curtains should have an integrated curtain, with 58 percent saying curtains should integrate with the rest of the home.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents said curtain screens should have a central feature that connects them to the rest in a way that doesn’t interfere with the viewing of the screen.

The latest survey also showed that the majority of respondents who were renting a house said they did not feel comfortable leaving curtains on in their home.

Only one in seven renters said they felt comfortable leaving a curtain hanging over the living room or dining room area.

A survey of more 500 people in 2015 by The Washington Times found that one in three renters said curtains over the bathroom would make their lives less comfortable, with another quarter saying they would leave curtains over their bedrooms.

A recent study by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development found that curtains over a bathroom could have “significant adverse impacts” on the health and safety of children.

The Department of Health and Human Services has been studying the effects of curtains over bathrooms for years.

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