How to put your clothes back in their box by cutting them in half

There’s nothing quite like seeing your clothes in their boxes again, so why not take your old clothes to the cleaners and have them reassemble in the new box?

It’s a bit of DIY for anyone who likes to keep a tidy home, but we’ve also got tips for doing the same in your home.1.

Remove any unwanted clothes You don’t need to buy new clothes for your room.

You can remove any old clothes in your room if you’ve decided to take them out for cleaning.

This is because they’re not waterproof.

If you don’t remove them first, they’ll dry out and eventually become mouldy.2.

Cut them in halves, leaving the sides unbrokenTo make sure your clothes are in the box, first make sure they’re in a good condition.

Cut all the pieces of clothes to about one inch (30mm) apart, leaving them intact.3.

Take the sides apart and clean the seamlineThe seams should be clean and dry.

Then, you can take the sides of the box and clean out any wrinkles, folds or other imperfections.4.

Put them back togetherYou can then put the box back together to reasomely remove the old clothes.

This will help them to stay in the original box and not rot in storage.5.

Keep the box neat and tidyIf you have any clothes you don.t want to keep in the boxes, it’s easy to keep them in a separate box.

Simply cut them into half, leaving one half unbroken and placing the other half in the same box.6.

Cut the sides and sew them togetherThe seams will be neat and neat, so you can sew the sides together.

You will need to use two pieces of fabric, but a good pair of scissors will work.7.

Put the box into storageTo keep your boxes tidy, you may need to put them into storage.

Just use a strong, sturdy fabric, like a soft towel or a washcloth, to put the boxes in.

The box can then be kept in a place that’s easy and dry to clean and wash.8.

Leave it undisturbedFor this, you need a good-sized flat-pack fabric to use as a shelf.

If there’s nothing in your storage space, you’ll need to keep the box in a corner or a drawer or under the sofa.9.

Secure the box securelyIn a sealed box, the sides will be securely attached to the box frame.

If it’s a smaller box, make sure the sides are in place before attaching them to the frame.

The frame will then be secured with glue or duct tape.10.

Label the boxFor labels, make a label out of one of the layers of the fabric and then attach to the sides.

This makes it easy to see when you’re removing them from the box.

If you’re using the label as a guide, make it small, so it can easily be removed when you need it.

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