Walmart ‘fantasy’ $100,000 fairy light curtains cover all floors

This is a story about how a Walmart ‘fan’ and a blogger have created a ‘fairy light curtain’ that covers all floors of their home.

They claim that the curtain covers the entire home in a fairy light.

It costs $100K and comes with a lifetime warranty.

You can see the entire house from the back of the curtain.

The fairy light is supposed to be installed in the ceiling and in the floor and in a separate room, but the blogger said that it’s a “fantasy” to install it in a single room.

“It’s very hard to put a fairy curtain on your own house, it takes a lot of effort and a lot thought to do it right,” he wrote.

He said the curtains are “sooo light” and can cover a room.

“It really feels like you’re in a small space and you have a little curtain to protect the little spaces,” he said.

The curtains have a lifespan of 10 years and cost $2.4M.

Walmart has already made a $1 million donation to the nonprofit organization.

But the blogger, who has been following the project for several months, said he believes the curtain can be installed by next week.

And the curtain has the potential to be even better than the original one.

“If you’re living in a very small space, it’s easy to do something like that, but if you’re just living in the middle of nowhere or in the city, you have to do some extra work and make sure you’re not using the same curtains in the same space,” he told ABC News.

A Walmart spokesperson told ABC that the company is currently working with the author on the project and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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