What to watch for in the first half of the NBA season: The curtain falls on the first three games of the regular season

The first three days of the season have come and gone, and the most notable events in the NBA have been happening, and most of the league is still playing.

But some events are taking place outside of the normal course of events, and they’re starting to take a toll on the NBA.

For instance, the league’s salary cap and free agency rules have been the subject of much debate since the NBA’s new CBA was signed in February.

This has led to a variety of arguments, and with the start of free agency just around the corner, here are a few thoughts on the state of the game right now.

First up is the salary cap.

For years, it was a hot topic and one that divided the league, with fans opposing the move and teams and players protesting the idea of a cap and a player’s contract.

Now that the NBA has made significant changes to its salary cap, though, it seems as though the discussion has largely settled down.

As of the end of April, the NBA was at $69.7 million in the hole, according to ESPN.

This number is up from $62.9 million in April.

This was largely due to the league making $2.5 billion in salary cap space, which was used to fill some of the holes in the cap.

But as the salary increases go into effect, teams are likely to be able to make more than that.

The average salary increase for each team is going to be about $9 million, which should lead to some big changes for the players who are owed money by the NBA during the new CBL season.

Players and agents have a few things going for them.

With a salary cap in place, players can sign a contract extension and be guaranteed at least $8 million per season through 2021-22.

There are no restrictions on how many players a team can sign during the CBA, so there is a chance the salary of a player could exceed the salary limit, which could make it easier for players to reach agreements.

While the CBL isn’t as lucrative as the NBA, it should be enough for most players to have a good shot at getting their contracts over the cap and staying in the league.

On the other hand, there is the issue of contracts.

Players are still expected to sign long-term contracts, but they can be cut during the season if they don’t meet certain performance criteria.

This can make it tough for players who have signed long-terms to have the money to remain in the lineup.

The CBL is expected to allow players to earn $1.5 million in base salary for each game they play in, and this is an important change that could help players make up for the lost base salary from signing long-time deals.

But it’s not just about players’ salaries.

As the league looks to cut some of its excess cap space and start paying players more for the cap space they have, it’s also likely that contracts will start being signed without players having to meet certain standards, which will lead to more problems down the line.

For those who are worried about the NBA being forced to pay players for free agency, the CMLs new salary cap system should help.

Players who signed long contracts will still earn base salary through 2021, but it will be significantly less.

This is good news for players, as it will make it much easier for them to reach deals that will keep them in the rotation and avoid signing long term deals.

The NBA will also continue to make roster moves during the summer and will likely be able continue to pay some players a small salary for the summer of 2019, which would have been too much for players.

However, there are some issues in the CNBA, as the league has been slow to react to the situation.

For one, there has been no indication that the CPL will actually allow players in the offseason to sign a long-duration contract.

The league has also been slow in signing new deals to players, which has resulted in players signing their rookie deals with very short guaranteed contracts.

These deals were already too short for many players, so the CLCs new rules are expected to mean that these deals will be shorter.

Players will still be able sign a two-year contract if they have less than $15,000 in the salary-cap space available, which means that they can sign an extension that will pay them at least that much in the future.

There has been some confusion about this, with some players being told they can only sign extensions of $10,000 per year, and others being told that the cap is set to be $69 million.

Players will still have a choice to sign extensions that offer a higher salary, and that will lead the league to make a decision about how to handle players who signed longer contracts in the summer.

For the most part, the new salary- cap rules seem to be working well, and

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