Housecleaning company plans to sell farmhouse curtain rod sets after two years of decline

Recode is reporting that Kitchen & Baths, the makers of curtain rods, is planning to sell off its farmhouse-curtailer-related business.

It’s unclear how Kitchen &amps; Bath’s plans for the business will affect the company’s ability to produce curtain rods in the future.

It could also affect the growth of its line of farmhouse and commercial curtain rods.

Kitchen &ampings; Bath didn’t immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

But last fall, Kitchen &ampeds; Bedrooms announced plans to phase out curtain rods production and sell off some of its curtain rod inventory.

In its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Kitchen& Bedroom said the curtain rod business is in a “possible decline due to the decrease in demand for farmhouse, and commercial, curtain rods.”

The company said it’s “planning to accelerate the sales of farm and commercial farmhouse curtains and curtain rods and expects to have a positive impact on our consolidated financial position as of December 31, 2019.”

But that doesn’t mean the curtain rods business will soon be gone.

The company’s stock price fell by around 6% on Wednesday.

“The market has already shown a significant decrease in the value of curtain rod stock over the past two years,” Kitchen&amps; Bed rooms wrote in its filing.

“We have also seen the market decline in volume due to a variety of factors, including the expiration of our license to sell curtain rods to consumers and an ongoing increase in the demand for curtain rods that is driving down our market share.”

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