When you need a shower curtain, get a high-end shower curtain

Outdoor patio curtains have long been a fixture in our homes.

Now, thanks to the rise of high-performance technology, outdoor patio doors are available in a whole new range of sizes.

You’ll find them in more than just the backyard and they’re just the right size for those in a rush to relax and get in the sun.

Outdoor patio doors can make a world of difference when it comes to your outdoor experience.

Learn more about outdoor patio closets.

Outdoor-style patio curtains Outdoor patio-style curtains are small, but offer enough space for a few people to fit in, without the added pressure and clutter of bulky, high-tech outdoor curtains.

They’re also great for those with a big backyard and can be a good choice if you’re planning on keeping the same patio size in your home.

They also tend to last longer than traditional outdoor curtains and can make your home a bit more inviting.

Outdoor outdoor patio curtain: 1.5-meter diameter.

Two colors available: white and black.

Available in 1-meter and 2-meter sizes.

2.5 meters diameter.

Available for both white and blue, and also available for black and gray.

3 meters diameter (5.6 feet) and available for both black and white.

Available at home improvement stores.

Outdoor terrace curtain: 2-inch diameter.

Comes in 1.75-meter or 2-foot lengths.

Available online, at a hardware store, and at some hardware stores.

Available indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor curtain: 3-meter-wide, 7-foot diameter.

Can be used for outdoor living or for your bedroom or bathroom.

Available outdoors and indoors.

Outdoor bar-style curtain: 4-inch-wide.

Can accommodate up to four people.

Available on some indoor furniture and some outdoor furniture.

Available anywhere you can find outdoor furniture in your neighborhood.

Outdoor bedroom curtain: 5-meter wide.

Can seat up to six people.

Outdoor dining room curtain: 6-meter long.

Can hold up to 16 people.

For more information, go to www.nhl.com/sports.

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